Sunday, October 27, 2013

Kansai Day 2 - Nara

The reason why I haven't updated my blog so long is that I was home without bringing my laptop :D
Home was good as always. Good food, great companies. I miss it so much already!


On my second day of my Kansai trip, Nara has won my heart.
It's probably my have city to travel in Japan alongside with Nagasaki :D
It was cloudy when I visited there which somehow added a mysterious atmosphere to the surrounding, temples and deers.

Nara used to be the capital of Japan and its now filled with tradition and wild deers! There is legend saying that the god of Kasuga Shrine came to Nara riding a white deer, which until now believed as a sacred animal.


We started our day by having lunch near the station. This Tonkatsu is instantly became our best meal in Kansai!


There is a vendor selling deer's biscuits to feed the wild deers. Once you by the biscuits, beware to be attacked by the aggressive but cute deers lol
My cousin feeding the deers
mumsy in red

Nara mascot character

the deer wanting to eat paper too...


Todaiji Temple
a temple made of wood


Kasuga Taisha, Shrine


Nara Park
Beautiful park with deers

3 teenagers trying to get attention

watch out!!


Kofukuji Temple

Nara can be accessed easily from Osaka and it's a perfect destination for a day trip.
I highly recommend this place for everyone visiting Japan :D



  1. The meal looks great, the deers are soo lovely and you look awesome :)
    The temple is just amazing, I wish I could visit it someday.. but it would be quite expensive from Czech Republic :(


  2. Japan is a wonderful and beautiful place. I'm glad that you and your family got to experience it.


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