Friday, April 11, 2014

Pre Hanami at Yoyogi Park

Spring is my fave season and I believe that spring is best to be enjoyed in Japan with all those blooming cherry blossoms!

I'd totally recommend everyone to come to Japan to see the sakura blooming, once in his/her lifetime just because sakura are simply breathtaking.

Beauty doesn't last forever, so does cherry blossoms. They are only blooming for a week.
So the most important tip to all travelers is to check the cherry blossom forecast before getting tickets! Usually the forecast is out on late February to early March.

Sakura usually blooms around late March to early April. But last year it bloomed 2 weeks earlier, on mid March and leaving disappointment to all the tourists who came late :(

Pictures bellow are how cherry blossoms look like 3 days before they bloom fully.


more hanami / cherry blossoms pictures to come!!

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Shibuya Lunch

Few weeks ago, I had a catch up lunch at a creperie / galletoria called Au Temps Jadis in Shibuya with Ferina. It has been a while since I met her, I think the last time was probably last summer, when we went to see several museums at Roppongi.

Their shop is too cute! reminds me of Peter Rabbit or Winnie the Pooh story books.
The food was good, the price is a lil bit pricey but average for crepes or galletes in Tokyo.


After being satisfied with our Parisian lunch, we headed towards Harajuku, to where Steamer Coffee Company is. I've been wanting to go to this coffee shop since long time ago! I've heard many good stuff about them. Some people even say that they got the best coffee in town.

I am not a coffee expert, but I love their latte! The cup is big and the latte art is cool.
There are many tourists, foreigners, hipters coming to this shop as this shop is on so many Tokyo guide books!


I've been busy going to hanami / cherry blossoms viewing spots in Tokyo this past a week!
Get ready for cherry blossoms spam :)

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