Sunday, September 29, 2013

Korea Day 6: Bundang - N Seoul Tower

I spent my last day in Korea not in Seoul but Bundang which is right next to Seoul.

Heea picked me up at station with a car and let me put all my stuff at her apartment before heading for lunch. We had Budae Jiggae which I heard originated from the Korean army. It was really good!! a little bit too spicy for me though lol


We later met up with Hyejin in a mall and went to another shopping complex


Heea later drove us to N Seoul Tower which was pretty far from Bundang.
Too bad that day was raining and it was very foggy up there.

Love locks, where couples locked their love here

View from the cable car, foggy Seoul


Ended the day with a glass of Korean beer :D

So this is the end of my Korea trip posts.
Overall Korea is where I would like to go again in the future, even just to eat or shop!



  1. Oh wow! This looks so fun and nice! I loved the little video at the end, all you girls looked so happy! The love locks at Seoul Tower are astonishing, so many of them!! I'm glad you had such a great time in Seoul.

  2. So sweet and cute ^^ I want to go too!!

    恵美より ♥

  3. Wahh~ It looks so fun - you girls look like you're having a blast! :'D Looks like you enjoyed your trip! >u<

  4. first of all, your blog's background is so cute! all of you have on the cutest outfits, i love all of this post!

    lindsey louise


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