Monday, March 25, 2013

Gakugeidaigaku with crepes

The other day (around last month), I went to Gakugeidaigaku with Ferina. It was our first time to be there :)

Gakugeidaigaku is located along the Toyoko line (which currently was merged with Fukutoshin line), and together with nearby Jiyugaoka, Nakameguro, it's known as a stylist cute area!

The station

Cute traditional groceries store

I don't mind living here like seriously, it has so many kind of shops!

a blooming plum tree!


For tea time without any tea ;) we decided to have some crepes :D at POPHOT
Although the name sounds very American, at least we think so, it serves french crepes.

It was my first time eating crepes here in Japan and I've never been to Europe so I never had the original one but all I can say the crepes were really good! Especially the sweet one.

Chocolate Hazelnut! this was really good

I don't recall what crepe it was but I loved how crispy it was :D



  1. These photos were so amazing, I want to visit there!!! The crepe looks soo yummy also. ^_^ And the Bart sweater!!! :)

  2. Amazing photos~ I really enjoy these everyday life photos. c: Thank you for sharing~ c:
    The crepe looks delicious! :'D

  3. Glad that you enjoyed the crepes. Hazelnut crepes are delicious! Your friend is quite on trend, those Bart Simpson shirts are very popular in Asia at the moment.

  4. I love French crepes! I've been living in Tokyo for 6 years but I've never been to 学芸大学 :P

  5. Oh my, I love that Bart Simpson sweater. I don't usually watch the simpsons, but that sweater is cool. And those crepes look delicious!!

    The blooming plum tree looks beautiful too!

  6. hmmmm i love crepes! wonderful photos hun!


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