Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ordinary view of Tokyo's neighbourhood

Snapped these pictures in Koenji, the hipster neighborhood of Tokyo.

I love how Tokyo is rich in details, every corner of places has its own personality. Although I believe most people including me often take it for granted, never realise about them until we brings our camera and walk around there alone. 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Triangle Area

At the second half of Golden Week, I bought a one day triangle ticket which means free ride on the Tokyu railways lines which link Shibuya, Jiyugaoka and Futako Tamagawa station. The ticket costs 390 Yen from Shibuya and available to be bought from the ticket machine there.

Our first stop was Sangenjaya and that was where we had our lunch at this cute organic vegan cafe called Ohana

loved the cafe's ethnic decoration :D

Hello Patty! Who came all the way from Hiroshima

My lunch: Plate of the day. 980 Yen.


We walked toward the station to go to our next destination :D


The next stop was Futako Tamagawa which was so lovely.
Not too far from the central Tokyo but filled with many shops and beautiful river.
Perfect place for a family to live!

Perfect weather! Beautiful sky!

Just like a scene from a Japanese drama or anime


After few minutes chilling by the river we took the train and got off at Jiyugaoka, the fancy neighbourhood.

Apparently there was sweets festival that day

We took a break at this little soft ice cream and gelatto shop

They serve waffle too!

what I had, it was yumm! Too bad I didn't remember the name of the shop

Take a look at the floor, creative cheap way to make your shop cooler 

Little venetian at Jiyugaoka

After Jiyugaoka we actually went to Daikanyama as well but it was already dark so I didn't take any picture...

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