Friday, April 12, 2013

Fukuoka City

So here it is the continuation of my Fukuoka trip series.
So on the 3rd day, we decided to do city sight seeing as were all very tired of 2 day intense travelling schedule :)

We start the day with tonkotsu ramen for brunch, Hakata's speciality :D
Had the original Ichiran in square shaped bowl at Canal city

I ordered too much chill and had a stomachache afterwards :(


We walked to this famous shrine which the name I can't recall at the center of the city

and entered this folk museum nearby (the entrance fee was 200 or 300 Yen).


Later, we decided to stop by this super cute cafe called Bee Honey.
This cafe is specialised in their own made honey and soft cream.

If the cafe was in Tokyo, no doubt I'd love to come back there :D
Their honey soft cream was so soft and yummy.

The green tea pie Yaya ordered

Sheng zensai soft ice cream. When east met west :D

My sweet potato pie.

Super cute BEE clock

Bee Honey Cafe, Hakata, Fukuoka City


Hakata's sunset, from the top of Hakata station


We ended the day by having Motsu Nabe for dinner. It's another Hakata's speciality! A must have for everyone who visits :D


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