Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Moomin's Cafe at Solamachi

Do you know Moomin?
Moomin is a character originally from Finland. To be honest, I had no idea who Moomin was until I came to Japan.
Apparently the TV show of Moomin is currently airing on Japanese TV and very popular among the kids. Moomin's goods can be easily found at many characters shops here as well.

Although I have zero knowledge of Moomin's storyline, Moomin cafe had always been a place I wanted to go.
So after the Tanabata matsuri at Asakusa, Nayun & I went to the Sky Tree and we decided to have a dessert time at Moomin House cafe at the first floor of Solamachi :)

Nothing is more adorable than sitting next to the Moomin

Cute decoration

Moomin's pudding. The cup can be brought home! It tasted good but nothing special btw ;)
I bet people's intention coming here is to enjoy the experience rather than the food.

Tokyo Sky Tree! The tallest tower in the world (?)

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Korea vlog 1

Long time no blog.

Right after I came back from Korea, my 8-month-old MacBook Pro has suddenly stopped working.

Every time I turned it on, I could never pass the Apple logo with moving wheel screen...
I went to Apple store the next day and they told me the Hard Drive wasn't working properly and they had to replace it to a new one. I was lucky enough that my laptop is still under the warranty but I had to pay for around 9800 yen more if I want to save all my data...


I wasn't willing to pay


I lost all my data!!! Since I have only been using this MacBook for 8 months, I didn't have much but I lost all pictures taken by my mirror less camera from January till late April.
(All the original and unposted pictures from my Fukuoka trip!!!!!!!! 1    2   3   4)

Lesson learned! I'll back up my laptop every single month.


Here is a video of my last day in Korea.
Taken by an iPhone app called Road Movie ;)

Will be back to post my trip in details later :)

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