Saturday, August 24, 2013

Korea vlog 1

Long time no blog.

Right after I came back from Korea, my 8-month-old MacBook Pro has suddenly stopped working.

Every time I turned it on, I could never pass the Apple logo with moving wheel screen...
I went to Apple store the next day and they told me the Hard Drive wasn't working properly and they had to replace it to a new one. I was lucky enough that my laptop is still under the warranty but I had to pay for around 9800 yen more if I want to save all my data...


I wasn't willing to pay


I lost all my data!!! Since I have only been using this MacBook for 8 months, I didn't have much but I lost all pictures taken by my mirror less camera from January till late April.
(All the original and unposted pictures from my Fukuoka trip!!!!!!!! 1    2   3   4)

Lesson learned! I'll back up my laptop every single month.


Here is a video of my last day in Korea.
Taken by an iPhone app called Road Movie ;)

Will be back to post my trip in details later :)



  1. So cute! What a wonderful way to remember the good times.


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