Monday, March 25, 2013

Gakugeidaigaku with crepes

The other day (around last month), I went to Gakugeidaigaku with Ferina. It was our first time to be there :)

Gakugeidaigaku is located along the Toyoko line (which currently was merged with Fukutoshin line), and together with nearby Jiyugaoka, Nakameguro, it's known as a stylist cute area!

The station

Cute traditional groceries store

I don't mind living here like seriously, it has so many kind of shops!

a blooming plum tree!


For tea time without any tea ;) we decided to have some crepes :D at POPHOT
Although the name sounds very American, at least we think so, it serves french crepes.

It was my first time eating crepes here in Japan and I've never been to Europe so I never had the original one but all I can say the crepes were really good! Especially the sweet one.

Chocolate Hazelnut! this was really good

I don't recall what crepe it was but I loved how crispy it was :D


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Asakusa in January

If you ever come to Japan and ask me where to visit, I'll say Asakusa.
Asakusa is the most well known tourist spot here in Tokyo for both local and international visitors.

pretty young ladies in kimono picking omikuji

a mix between traditional and modern as the background :)
I love both Sky Tree and Asakusa Cannon Temple!

I'm not sure with what is this but I found it amusing and scary at times.



Monday, March 4, 2013

Back to Last Spring

Finally, after a year, I got my film developed.
My first roll of using a toy camera called Superheadz!
Superheadz UWS + Fujifilm Superia 200

There's something about analog photography that digital can't replace. It's the excitement of seeing the result. A good picture taken by film camera means so much more than digital, and that makes all the money spent on buying film and developing worth it.

I started collecting lomo and toy camera since I was in high school. I have been interested in photography ever since I was young, but at that time DSLR cameras were way to expensive for me to buy with my own money. So I spent my money on toy cameras instead. Although not soon later I found out those cameras might be cheap in price but buying films and getting them developed can be more expensive than the camera itself!

These pictures were taken last Spring, when the cherry blossom trees were in full bloom!
Seeing all those pictures made me even more excited for spring this year! One more month! Yay!

Kandagawa bridge which is right next to my old house

The only tram line in Tokyo

I can't recall the name of this park, but this one is pretty famous for hanami

How sweet!

I don't know what made this picture to turn out like this, maybe the wind and light?



The Shibasakura at Chichibu during the Golden Week

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