Monday, September 16, 2013

Korea Day 2: Lotte World

I bet most people have ever heard the world Lotte before and maybe know about Lotte world in Seoul.
Lotte world is an indoor and outdoor amusement park located at Jamsil.

I am not a fan of amusement park and to be honest Lotte world is worse than my expectation.
Some of the rides look really old. When I was there, the park was really crowded and I had to line for an hour or so for one ride... and surprisingly all the rides were very short!
lining for an hour just for a 30 second ride wasn't just pleasant.

Got photo bombed by 2 random guys... -.-;



  1. Well, I'm also not that great fan of amusement parks except of Disneyland. I always dreamt of visiting this place!
    Hahaha, those random guys. Why did they do this? So freakin' bad :D


  2. oh was it really that bad? i love amusement parks! =D still great pictures ♥

  3. Beautiful pictures, pity the amusement park is not that good.


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