Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Korea Day 3 : Namdaemun - Coex - Bogeunsa Temple - Gangnam

Being tired after all day Lotte world and night shopping at Dongdaemun, the next day we decided to explore Korea's shopping district.
In the morning we went to take a look at Namdaemun market which located near our hotel, got some Korean snack for breakfast and then we took the subway to Coex, the underground mall.

To be honest there is nothing at Coex, it is just an old big underground mall with big aquariums and cinema which we did not go. I would totally regret going there if there was no Bogeunsa Temple nearby.

Bogeunsa temple is the largest temple in Seoul, a 5 min walk from Coex Mall. It was kinda interesting to see the differences in architecture between Korean and Japanese temples :D

later, we stopped by Gangnam which is introduced by PSY to the whole world to meet my Korean friends.


Namdaemun market


Bogeunsa Temple

matching mom and daughter :D


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