Sunday, November 10, 2013

Kansai Day 3 - Arashiyama and Kyoto

Our trip started later than the what we had scheduled that day.
But since I haven't had chance to visit Arashiyama 3 years ago when I first visited Kyoto, I put Arashiyama on priority :)

I wish we stayed in Kyoto for a night, since there are so many things to see and a day trip is not enough!
My parents and cousin missed the Kinkakuji (Golden temple) T.T


Arashiyama was beautiful! It was nice to stroll around the area.
I'm pretty much sure it would be even more beautiful to visit in around November. Imagine if those trees have turned red xD


Tenryuji - Temple of Zen


The bamboo forest


We took the train back to Kyoto. Bought ourselves a one day pass for the city bus and our first destination was Kiyomizu Temple.


The the sun has set and we headed to Fushimi Inari Shrine.
I regret not going there during the day because it was dark and we couldn't take a proper look at the famous hundreds tori which lead to the inner shrine :( 

Kyoto, I'll definitely be back! and the first thing I'll do is to visit this shrine during the day xD


Posting this makes me miss traveling so much!
I wish I had companions to travel right now T.T
I still have a week or so to kill before start working full time...



  1. Everything is so GREEN! *A* Thank you so much for sharing~ >u<

  2. What a beautiful area. I have seen the bamboo forest on a wallpaper before, I'm glad to know that it's a real place.


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