Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kansai Day 1 - Osaka city

Last month, I traveled with my parents and cousin around Kansai area.
We stayed at New Otani Osaka which is far from the major shopping areas but we got upgraded into a room with a nice Osaka castle view! I couldn't complain about how inconvenient it was lol

I didnt take many pictures since it was pouring the whole evening as the effect of typhoon approaching Japan... T.T



  1. your pictures are really nice. Do you use any picture editing software?

  2. wow! that castle looks amazing.
    You are so lucky to get a free upgrade! How long are you in the Osaka area for?
    I am planning a trip to Japan soon as well! Any tips?

  3. The castle looks amazing, but the view is quite weird :D I can´t help it, but it doesn´t look like it belongs there :D


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