Monday, February 10, 2014

Hamarikyu Garden

What lovely about Tokyo is that no matter how crowded this city is, there is always place to relax at.
After spending an hour googling on internet of what to do, I brought my mom to Hamarikyu Garden for a picnic. It's located at Shiodome, a huge park surrounded by tall office and hotel buildings. 

And it was September, the month of blooming Cosmos! :)

Japanese tea house. If only we came earlier, we probably had tried having a tea ceremony there.

The contrast of modern and traditional is what I love the most about Tokyo.


The reason why I do not blog as much is because my life has been rough these days.
I am stuck in routine, not knowing what to do except going through the day.
Until last week, I finally set my mind that I don't want to live like this. This is my only life and I have to do what I love while surrounded by people I love.

 Everything is still unsure but I will probably leave Japan sometimes soon to start a whole new adventure of seeking what I love to do :)

The date has not been set but I am now trying my best to enjoy even the tiniest detail of this country :)

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