Sunday, February 2, 2014

A day trip to Hakone

It feels weird to blog about what happened 4 months ago. I do still remember what I did but the memories are not fresh and I doubt I can write about every single details. 

One day in September, my parents and I went for a day trip to Hakone using Odakyu pass which cost us 5000 Yen each. Transportation in Japan is expensive and I think the pass worth it. It would be even better if we stayed overnight at Hakone but we didn't :(

Too bad the weather was not perfect that day and we could not see the famous mt. Fuji at all!!!!


Daddy in red

Lake Ashi where we took the cruise to cross

Cute Shiba dogs!


Black egg Hello Kitty

We hiked to rech the top of the sulfur mountain

Owakudani black egg. 500 Yen or 5

beautiful light from the sky

Cable car


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