Friday, February 28, 2014

Falling leaves

If only I came to this place two or three weeks earlier, it would be even more beautiful.
Last mid of December, my mom came to visit me again and I brought her to Aoyama itchome to see the yellow gingko trees. 

Too bad we were too late and most of the leaves have fallen already.


We walked all the way to Omotesando to see the Christmas Illumination.

Omotesando hills

On the top of Tokyu Plaza


Today is the last day February and the spring is coming.

I am no longer working full time like before. I have less income but more time for myself which is great. I have time to think, sketch, blog and read. I have the time that money can't buy.


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  1. aaa kirei~ <3
    I wanna go to Japan T___T


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