Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kichijoji in spring

I've been busy with school, intern, works, thesis even a lil bit of job hunting that blogging isn't becoming my priority anymore. It's my last semester of university and I can't postpone anything anymore, what I want or have to do has to be done on time.

University life has been awesome. I had no regret of coming to Japan to study. Of course there were many times when I wasn't unsure with my choice and fantasised how my life would be different if I had chosen different countries. But I'm happy with myself right now and parts of what made me like myself today is of course because of living and studying in Japan.

I'm still not sure where I will be and what I will be doing in the next 4 months, after my graduation. But I'm excited for that. Sad to think that I will be no longer a student anymore and I can't believe how I had grown up into an adult and will soon go to the next stage of life.


Last month, right before Spring break ended, I went to Kichijoji to see the sakura for the last time.
Before going to the famous Inokashira park, my friend & I had a big, nice Thai food lunch! at Amrita Shokudo

 I think the price for the lunch set is reasonable and it comes with salad bar buffet :D
The taste was good as well! No wonder this place is popular. We had to wait for few minutes before getting our seats.

We ordered and shared 2 lunch sets and they were huge!

The restaurant decoration is also so cute


Inokashira park.
There is a legend which I don't know true or not saying that if a couple rides a boat there they'll break up. Despite the legend, I spotted so many couples were riding the boats xD

Japanese really love their pets! Dogs, cats, rabbits and even turtle are being treated the same ;)

Rowing boat was harder than what I thought! I could be a nice exercise too xD

have to go soon!


After the boat riding we went to this old cafe which the name I don't recall near the park. My friend told me that the cafe was once introduced on TV as her fave's comedian's fave cafe.
It was a little quite cafe which I think is great for reading or having a small talk with friends. The only bad side is that smoking is allowed there.

I don't know much about coffee but I liked the cafe latte I ordered :D

Thanks for reading :D



  1. oh i love this post, the pictures are amazing! and i wish you good luck for the future :)

  2. The last year of uni is certainly an exciting time. I wish you success in your life after graduation.

  3. the Thai food looks SUPER YUMMY! and I dont mind the dessert.. yes please!!!
    Great post! beautifulllllllll photos

  4. omg the food!!! hungry right now! hahaha
    nice photos~~~

  5. Lovely photos!! I really miss Japan!

  6. Libing life without regrets it's the best. I still have one more year of high school and I'm still unsure where to go, but I'm sure I'm gonna take the right decision, like you ^^
    The photo are amazing! ♥

    Have a lovely Tuesday,

  7. Oh really lovelies photographs sweetie!
    And yeah your priority is the college!
    My best wishes for you!


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