Friday, May 24, 2013

Fujiko F. Fujio Museum

Do you know who is Fujiko F. Fujio? He's the one who created Doraemon :D
Fujiko F. Fujio Museum is located at Kawasaki, around 40 min away from Shinjuku. It's a fairly new museum, probably it was built a year ago.

I heard from so many people that the museum is worth of visit although it's pretty far from Tokyo and ticket needs to be bought from weeks before at Lawson (convenient store). So during the golden week, which was the first week of this Month, I went there with my friends :D

Anki pan and doramon's head shaped dorayaki


Dorami gacha-gacha (capsule toy) machine.
 200 yen for one try and I got myself a dorami!! My fave character

Look at his expression!
Probably because there was mouse around?!

P man!! or Pa man in Japanese

So here is the garden of doraemon miniature where people can take pic with

doko demo door :D

The best pic of the day. A group pic with Nobita, Doraemon and Piisuke behind.

Cute shortcut sign

Place to buy souvenirs

There was a purikura machine there, wasn't the best but pretty good I guess.

The front wall of the museum, how cute!

Overall, it was a fun museum that can be enjoyed by all range of visitors, from kids to adult.
Inside the museum there are many works, drawings and short clips of Fujiko F. Fujio and they were all so cute, bringing back the memory of my childhood (Taking pictures aren't allowed). There was a small theater which runs a short original movie of Doraemon which is a must see for everyone!!

There's an original restaurant as well, selling cute themed foof. Unfortunately, it was really crowded when we were there and 2 hour wait was needed T.T So we ended up not eating there....

For more information: click here



  1. Looks like so much fun! :'D I wanna go some time~

  2. I wanna go there!! QAQ it looks so much fun!

  3. Firstly, thanks for all your lovely wishes you left back on my blog! ♥
    Secondly, this is definitely a museum I plan to visit at least once in my lifetime xD Doesn't sounds like a big deal, but ugh~ x'D

    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  4. Wonderful pictures! You and your friends look so stylish and pretty *V* I think your blog is really very cute!

  5. Amelia, how are you? I have not been on blogger in so long, I have so much to catch up on your blog. Your photography skill are getting better and better. I hope all is well with you :)

  6. I like the place, it's very beautiful
    thank you for the meaning, very helpful


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