Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hello and Harajuku

Hello, this is Amelia and welcome to my personal photo blog.

This blog is mostly going to be about my life in Tokyo, food review, travel, arts, random photos and fashion. All photos on these blogs are taken by me unless credited :)


It was on a sunny mid January, few days after a hard unusual snowfall in Tokyo when my mom and I went to Harajuku.

Harajuku is probably one of the most well known place in Japan. But it is not as extreme what it is portrayed in media abroad. I hardly can spot people wearing lolita or gothic fashion these days, yet gotta agree that this is one of the most creative place in the world. 

The old fashioned Harajuku JR Station

Meiji Jingu's entrance

A street artist, something usual in Harajuku


We decided to have gyoza for dinner at this place called Harajuku Gyoza Lou. Located at the backstreet of Harajuku/Omotesando.

What's good about this place is that it is really good yet affordable. It can get very busy at night and people are willing to line up to eat here but the line moves rather quickly. I probably only had to wait for around 5 minutes before getting to be seated that night. Plus, they have English menu!

Address : 6-2-4 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Bean sprouts with minced meat. Loved it!

We can watch the workers boiling or frying the gyoza from the counter seat

The Yaki Gyoza, this one is better than the boiled one and only for 290 yen!

The rice comes together with a bowl of soup


we walked around just for a while after dinner since all stores are closing pretty early. 

pretty shop display

me at the cat street



  1. great post!
    happy you're back :D

  2. Wahh~ So jealous of your trip (and loving your new blog ;D)~
    That peacoat you're wearing is so cute! *A*

  3. Nice entry keep it up :) I`m gonna follow you ^^

  4. Ooh the gyoza looks yummy. c:
    Looking forward to your future posts! :D

  5. Haha you look so cute and adorable! I love your outfit btw. And I'm already looking forward to your coming posts, so keep bloggin'

  6. Nice that you are back. I hope you are going well with your studies.

    1. Thanks! I will try to study harder this term :D

  7. i'm so jealous that u can be in japan, because i've always been craving for a japan trip >< hope i can make it happen this year since i will be staying in hong kong :)

    looking forward for more posts about japan :D!

    1. HK and Japan is just less than 4 hours by plane. It's a must to visit!:D

  8. Beautiful Pics!

    You got a great Blog.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Just let me know ;)

  9. what a great blog and nice post !
    hoping i can go to japan ! you're so lucky !


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